Avera Chemicals Inc.,  is a leading manufacturer and distributor of bulk and fine chemicals in the North American Market. With eight affiliated factories and three Advanced Research and Development Centers in China, Avera Chemicals is dedicated to providing our clients worldwide with a wide range of products and outstanding services. Our team consists of only qualified and experienced professionals that ensure timely response to your ever growing needs in the Chemical Industry.


n      Your Ideal Out-sourcing Partner for Fine Chemicals and Intermediates

It's been almost 15 years since we opened our doors for business. Our diverse background has given us the chemical and manufacturing expertise to handle your complex multi-step syntheses and challenging synthetic transformations.Avera Chemicals is your one stop shop for needs in the Chemical Industry.We manufacture,package,and distribute to ensure a seamless supply of bulk and fine Chemicals as well as intermediates to our satisfied clients.


n      Process Research, Development & Optimization

Our ability to meet your changing needs stems from our respect for the creative process and our readiness to incorporate the latest advances in technology. Our talented staff and state-of-the-art facilities make the difference in the development and optimization of your synthetic process, creating a seamless supply of high quality fine chemicals and intermediates.  

      Areas of expertise:


l          Synthetic route generation and route selection

l          Scale up of existing routes and process

l          Process optimization and validation

l          Reference standards preparation and validation

l          Characterization and quantification of related substances




n        Pilot & Commercial Manufacturing (non-GMP and cGMP)
Eight of our affiliated plants in close vicinity of Shanghai are be able to provide pilot and commercial manufacturing according to non-GMP or cGMP standards. Your project will benefit from seamless technology transfer as the team thatís involved in the development stage will also follow through commercial manufacturing. Avera Chemicals and Feihe Chemicals are dedicated to fully meeting our clients' process chemistry, process analytical, manufacturing and regulatory support needs through close partnership, flexible responsiveness and with absolute confidence in our ability to deliver required quality on time and in full quantity.


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