Avera Chemicals and Feihe Chemicals are dedicated to fully meeting our clients' process chemistry, process analytical, manufacturing and regulatory support needs through close partnership, flexible responsiveness and with absolute confidence in our ability to deliver required quality on time and in full quantity.


We provide custom synthesis/manufacturing in the eight affiliated plants in close vicinity of Shanghai, under both cGMP and GMP conditions in campaigns from grams to metric tons. There are reactors of up to 3,000 litres with a total vessel capacity of 580 cubic metres. All required environmental permits are obtained, and manufacturing practices are constantly monitored by a health and safety committee.




 Production Facilities


Reactor capacity

 total of 580 cu. m

Enamel reactors

 490 cu. m

Stainless steel reactors

90 cu. m

Pilot reactors

 from 50L up to 4000L


-20C to 300C

HF reactor   Spectroscopy


Low temp. reactor (-85oC)


High pressure reactors(10Mpa)


Vacuum of evaporation

5mm Hg

Capacity of vacuum dryer


Distillation systems




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